Let's get to know each other.

Let's discover each other's perspectives.

Let's be quick to listen and slow to speak and slow to anger.

Even if we are 100% different I believe we can learn from each other and negotiate to do what is best for our community.

At the end of this page is an action plan.
A simple process
we will use to handle any differences
that we may have between us.

How are we going to handle any differences?

  • First, we need to start with good faith negotiations - We need to believe that each of us is attempting to do what is best for our community.

  • Second, we need to listen to each other and discover the WHY behind the WHAT.

  • Third, we need to value and embrace our personal core values and our community core values.

  • Fourth, we need to take responsibility and contribute to making a better county.

  • Fifth, we need to make and implement a plan through healthy governance and following the rules. When there is an impasse we need to do what our county rules say to do to move forward.

Lawlessness and Crime

KEY PRINCIPLE: As lawlessness increases, compassion decreases. The primary role of government is EQUAL JUSTICE and EQUAL SAFETY for all citizens.

Freedom is not a privilege but a RIGHT entrusted to every person by God. The primary role of government is to provide safety and equal justice for all citizens. Spokane is rated 95.3 for property crime, and the US average is 35.4. This is unacceptable! I will work with the sheriff and prosecutor to reduce crime.

The foundation of our legal system is that an individual is innocent until proven guilty needs to be reestablished.

The separation of powers in our legal system is critical to supplying EQUAL JUSTICE and EQUAL SAFETY.

BOTTOM LINE: Accountability and consequences for crime are crucial to deterring crime.

Property Rights

KEY PRINCIPLE: A person's right to own property (money, land, intellectual property, and principles of conscience) is protected by the Constitution of the United States and the Washington State constitution.

The government is put in place to provide EQUAL JUSTICE and NOT to SHOW PARTIALITY toward special interest groups or individuals. I will be a man of ACTION for equal justice and impartiality.

It is theft to take something that does not belong to you. Even when that “taking” is by the government. The government is expected to use balanced scales. The government should tax only to provide justice and safety for its citizens. Together we can provide balanced scales. I will be a voice for you to reduce unnecessary regulation.

BOTTOM LINE: Theft is theft. The United States Constitution gives its citizens the right to own property.


Reduce OVERregulation

KEY PRINCIPLE: Government regulation is one component that is driving up the cost of new homes.

As your county commissioner, I will work to reduce overregulation that is driving up the cost of new homes. The next generation should have the opportunity to purchase an affordable home. Ensuring property ownership and PROPERTY RIGHTS for Spokane county citizens is critical to a vibrant community. 24% regulation costs on a new home are too high (about $93k per new home) (source: Special study for housing economics May 5, 2021)

BOTTOM LINE: The county needs to do whatever it can to stop overregulation.


KEY PRINCIPLE: The Constitution of the United States and the Washington State Constitution contains the Bill of Rights. A crisis does not justify the suspension of the Bill of Rights. Yes, I am familiar with RCW 43.06.220 State of Emergency. This law is to be exercised with restraint and in good faith.

During COVID, I saw much censorship of varying ideas. Censorship is not the answer to differences in perspective. FREE SPEECH is the answer. The truth will rise to the top. Individuals will be able to respond to challenging situations when they are allowed to hear both sides of an argument. People are smart, and they can weigh the risks.

Government tends to want to force a "one-size-fits-all" approach. This approach does not work.

As an elected official, I will need to listen to all sides of an argument. I will personally do my best to inform the public of the risks. I do not believe the people need the government to micro-manage their life. With transparent and honest information, the public is wise enough to make significant decisions and to serve each other within their community freely.

I also commit to not labeling people, calling people names, or putting people down to build up my position. People who practice such things often do so because they are not confident. Debate is healthy. Dialogue is powerful. Differences make us stronger. General respect will depolarize our community.

As a mediator/negotiator (Peacemaker Fellow), I have learned that changing the rules in the middle of a conflict (crisis) is destructive and brings more chaos.

BOTTOM LINE: I believe that people are intelligent and will do what is best for themselves and for each other, especially when there is the opportunity to hear differing perspectives on an issue or crisis.